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Shakespeare Marine

Shakespeare 3dB 1.2m Galaxy white fibreglass and 6187 Mount

Shakespeare 3dB 1.2m Galaxy white fibreglass and 6187 Mount

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  • Copper and silver plated brass elements for extra range and efficiency.
  • Low-loss polyethylene dielectric.
  • Low-loss ethafoam spacer for strong mechanical support.
  • Stranded high-quality tinned copper inner conductor maximizes signal strength.
  • Ultra efficient silver-plated brass choking sleeve suppresses cable radiation for maximum on-air signal.
  • 6m RG-8/X extra low loss cable plus a PL-259 connector.
  • Stainless steel ferrule with standard 1in x 14 TPI thread.
  • Includes 6187 Stainless Steel Ratchet Mount.

Shakespeare Galaxy Silver Series VHF Antenna with silver plated element.

Shakespeare has added the extended performance of silver plated elements to this outstanding 1.2m workhorse antenna. At home on T-tops and hard-tops its small size is welcome aloft where it can deliver maximum range. The extended performance silver plating gives it that extra edge for general purpose communications.

The 6187 mount from Shakespeare Marine saves boaters time money and space on board. Through its clever design the mount has one single rachet handle which allows users to lower and twist the mount in one simple manoeuvre moving the antenna through a full hemisphere of points to its required location – or even completely removing the antenna – without the need for additional tools.

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