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Shadow-Caster SCM-SL Flush Mount Spreader Light - Great White

Shadow-Caster SCM-SL Flush Mount Spreader Light - Great White

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  • Soft start technology ramps the brightness up gently over 2 seconds
  • Power toggle feature to set brightness and change colour
  • True white LED for best colour performance
  • Unique reflector design to reduce glare
  • High efficiency switch mode power supply
  • Waterproof low-profile aluminum housing
  • 3-Year Warranty

The Shadow-Caster marine LED Spreader Light SCM-SL is perfect for illuminating decks and other large areas of your boat or yacht.  It has a unique reflector design which spreads the light beams out to reduce glare.

The marine LED Spreader Light comes in black or white finish. It is available in 3 colour output options: single colour white; 3 colour (white blue and red ) as well as a full colour version. The brightness and colour can be controlled with a standard switch or use a Shadow-NET enabled controller to enjoy unlimited colours with the full colour model.

The flush mount version is great for mounting in T-Tops

Technical Information

  • 1500 lumen output
  • 60° beam angle
  • 16 watt power draw
  • 10-30 volts input
  • 1.4A at 12 volts 0.7A at 24 volts
  • 6200 Kelvin cool white colour temperature
  • 5″ (127mm) overall width x 1.5″ (38mm) height x 1.3″ (33mm) mounting depth
  • Durable glass lens
  • IP67 waterproof design
  • Full colour version includes Shadow-NET® interface for controlling colour

Control Options

Power Toggle Control

Quickly toggle power source to advance to next colour or brightness level. Used with a single colour lights allows for light on/off fade in/out and strobe. Two colour lights allows either single colour on fade between colours and strobe current colour. Full colour lights allow for any single colour on fade blue to white fade through all 12 colours and strobe current colour.

Shadow-Net Control

Shadow-NET is a multi-channel communications platform created by Shadow-Caster to allow seamless integration and control of all of your boat’s lighting. Full-feature control through your Multifunction Display (MFD) by adding the Shadow-NET control module (SCM-MFD-LC) & app. Dramatically enhanced lighting capabilities through your existing MFD allows for unlimited shades of colour and fading dimming strobe rate music sync multiple zones and much more.

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