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Shadow-Caster SCM-MZ-LC Multi Zone Shadow-Net RGBW Lighting Controller

Shadow-Caster SCM-MZ-LC Multi Zone Shadow-Net RGBW Lighting Controller

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  • 4 separate RGB or RGBW light outputs
  • Control brightness and colour on four independent channels
  • Supports up to 6 independent zones of lighting commands through CAN based Shadow-NET protocols
  • Built in functions for fading strobing and audio input for multiple modes of music sync
  • Colour coded connections for intuitive installation
  • Exclusive power control technology to mitigate effects of electrical noise
  • Direct switch inputs can be configured for enabling and control of lighting zones and can be custom configured for boat building customers.

The SCM-MZ-LC is Shadow-Caster’s Multi-Zone Lighting Controller. It must be paired with a CAN based control to be utilized. The SCM-MZ-LC will support a variety of network based input devices to configure and control the lighting.

Technical Information

  • 4 individually fused 15 amp RGBW lighting connections
  • Compatible with 12/24 volt systems
  • 3.5mm female audio connection for music sync input
  • IP65 washdown rated enclosure
  • UV stabilized polycarbonate housing with stainless steel bezel
  • Machined aluminum rear housing

In The Box

  •  Lighting controller
  • 1 meter Shadow-NET communication cable
  • Mounting hardware
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