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Scanstrut 250mm Aluminium Power Tower Black

Scanstrut 250mm Aluminium Power Tower Black

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  • Internally mounted Scanstrut DS-30 cable seal.
  • Marine sealant not required.
  • No need to cut cables or remove plugs.
  • Inserts included to fit cables from all major radomes.
  • No cables on view all internally routed.
  • Radar cables routed via cable guide in centre of top plate.

Pre-drilled mounting holes allow the radar to fasten straight to the PowerTower with it’s own mounting bolts. No need to cut the radar’s plugs off to install simply use the Scanstrut DS30 Cable Seal to ensure a waterproof seal around the radars cables. Marine sealant not required.

Paint finishes complies with our unique 4 step marine paint system. Available in Aft or Forward leaning designs with a 25-degree rake for the ultimate performance look. Range of accessorize light bars can be bolted to the back of the PowerTower for different GPS VHS and Navlight configurations.

An accessory PowerTower Wedge is available to improve the pitch of the Radar while the boat is up on the plane. 

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