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NASA Bluetooth Battery Monitor

NASA Bluetooth Battery Monitor

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  • Supplied complete with a 100 Amp 50mV shunt and all necessary cables to connect to the main service battery.
  • Monitors a 12 volt lead-acid battery or bank of batteries with a total capacity between 5 and 600 Ampere-hours (Ahr).
  • Current consumption typically 2 mA.
  • Monitors main battery voltage the current flowing into or out of the battery and calculates the best approximation of the state of charge and the time to charge or discharge.
  • Alarm alerts if the charge gets dangerously low when load shedding or charging becomes necessary.
  • Second input measures starter battery voltage.
  • Information is transmitted using Low Energy Bluetooth (Bluetooth 4) viewable on any compatible device with a suitable App.
  • Android App can be freely downloaded from the Nasa Marine website while a 3rd party Apple App with additional features can be found on the apple App store.

When you need a battery monitor but don\'t have space for the display or routing the cables would be a nightmare there is now a solution. The BM-1(BT) will monitor your boat or Caravan\'s lead-acid batteries and transmit the data directly to your mobile phone or tablet wirelessly by Bluetooth.

A simple Android app freely available from the website or Google Play Store (requires Android V4.3 or later) shows your service battery voltage current flowing in or out state of charge and time to charge or discharge the battery. An audible alarm warns if the battery level gets dangerously low. It will also show the starter battery voltage. For apple users a more sophisticated app with additional features can be purchased from the Apple app store. Compatible with iPhone iPad and iPod touch. Offers Apple Watch App for iPhone. (Requires iOS 9.0 or later).

The monitor which draws a meagre 2 mA is supplied with a 100 amp shunt and a premade cable assembly to simplify connection to your service battery.

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