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Maretron MPower CBMD12 - 12 Channel Bypass Module

Maretron MPower CBMD12 - 12 Channel Bypass Module

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  • 75 Amps maximum current capacity
  • Outputs: 2 x 12 Amps 6 x 10A 4 x 5 A.
  • 12V and 24V DC power systems
  • Carling Technologies Curvette Rocker Switches
  • Overcurrent protection via ATC standard fuses

For manual control of the loads an optional MPower 12-Channel Bypass Module (CBMD12) can be installed in conjunction with the 12-Channel DC Load Controller Module (CLMD12). The maximum current capacity for the CBMD12 is 75 amps in 12V DC and 24V DC power systems.

The Bypass Module provides a manual method (ON/OFF switch) to control loads by providing power to each load in case of a CLMD12 malfunction or a NMEA 2000 network failure. The CBMD12 utilizes standard fuses for overcurrent protection and 12 Carling Curvette Rocker Switches for manual control of each load. With the use of the Curvette rocker switches there is no arcing that occurs while manually overriding a load. Furthermore unlike other digital switching products MPower does not require moving a fuse which can cause electrical connections to degrade or the possibility for ignition.

It’s important to ensure that the current rating of the fuse for each load is appropriate to protect the load and the wiring for that load. Please note that the bypass module does not support paralleled outputs since each circuit is controlled by a separate switch. Additionally the bypass module does not support dimming of circuits.

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