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Maretron Depth Speed Temperature Triducer 100 Meter Depth

Maretron Depth Speed Temperature Triducer 100 Meter Depth

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DST110 - NMEA 2000 ® Depth / Speed / Temperature Triducer.

Maretron’s DST110 Smart Retractable Depth/Speed/Temperature Triducer delivers precise digital depth accurate speed and exact water temperature even at speeds above 40 knots—all with no programming or calibration necessary. Its patented Smart Sensor technology retractable and removable sensor and NMEA 2000 ® network connectivity make the DST110 easy to interpret easy to install and connect with other navigation equipment and easy to maintain.

The DST110 measures precise water depth at 0.4m to 100m with a wide beam width and is tolerant to most deadrise angles. It reads water temperature from -10 °C to +40 °C at ±1.0 °C accuracy and accurate speed from 1 to 50 knots. User customizable calibrations for speed and temperature allow you to adjust speed and temperature indications for your installation. At 235 KHZ it can be used with a fish finder as an ideal navigation tool for sport or commercial fishing vessels—or with sailing vessels of all sizes. The DST110’s plastic bronze or stainless steel housing choices are compatible with any hull material. It includes a blank plug to replace its sensor unit when the vessel will be docked for extended periods or trailered. This prevents damage to the sensor and reduces fouling growth. Maretron’s DST110 is CE compliant (IEC60945) and is manufactured to the highest quality standards under ISO9K/2K procedures. Its compact waterproof housing will provide years of reliable performance making it the Smart choice in marine sensing.

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