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ICOM M605EURO Class D VHF/DSC Radio with AIS Receiver

ICOM M605EURO Class D VHF/DSC Radio with AIS Receiver

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  • Multi-station VHF system which will allow up to three COMMAND HEAD/COMMANDMIC to be connected
  • Easy to read Colour TFT LCD with Wide 4.3” Viewing Angle
  • Integrated AIS Receiver
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Class Leading Receiver Performance
  • Active Noise Cancelling Technology
  • Last Call Voice Recording
  • Integrated GNSS Receiver
  • 30 W Two-Way Hailer and Automatic Foghorn
  • NMEA 2000 NMEA 0183/-HS Connectivity

IC-M605EURO Multi Station VHF/DSC Radio with AIS Receiver

The IC-M605EURO is an advanced Class D VHF/DSC radio with integrated AIS receiver capable of showing real-time AIS vessel traffic information on the large colour TFT LCD display. This radio contains many advanced features including Active Noise Cancelling technology a sophisticated reciever and a last call voice recording function that saves up to two minutes of an incoming call. The IC- M605EURO also has the capability of connecting up to three command stations on a vessel allowing operation/intercom via either RCM600 Remote Stations or HM-229 Commandmics. This makes it a great communication system for large yachts or motor cruisers.


The IC-M605EURO can be configured into a multi-station onboard VHF Radio system. The radio can be remotely controlled with up to three controllers RC-M600 COMMAND HEAD and/or HM-229B/W COMMANDMIC with an intercom function available among the main radio and controllers. This will provide maximum operating flexibility anywhere on your boat.

Wide Viewing Angle 4.3” Colour TFT LCD

A high resolution colour LCD provides an almost 180 degree very wide viewing angle and displays characters and function icons clearly. The night mode display ensures good readability in the dark for further convenience.

Integrated AIS Receiver

The integrated AIS receiver shows real-time AIS vessel traffic information on the display. The AIS combo screen enables you to monitor the AIS plotter during basic operation. You can directly call a selected AIS target from the AIS screen using an individual DSC call.

Intuitive User Interface

The combination of the directional keypad and soft keys provides simple operation. The most common functions are assigned to soft keys (at the bottom of the display) for quick push function access. The large ten-key pad enables you to smoothly enter channel numbers MMSI numbers with ID names and so on.

Class Leading Receiver Performance

A weak signal adjacent to a strong signal can be clearly received by the IC-M605EURO. Its commercial grade receiver performance (selectivity and IMD: more than 75 dB) provides reliable communication at all time.

Active Noise Cancelling Technology

The Active Noise Cancelling technology digitally removes background noise from both transmit and receive audio and provides clear communication in a noisy maritime environment. The last call voice recording function automatically saves up to two minutes of an incoming call. Don’t miss any incoming messages.

Last Call Voice Recording

The last call voice recording function automatically saves up to two minutes of an incoming call. Don’t miss any incoming messages.

Provides Clear Loud Audio

The IC-M605EURO’s internal speaker enhances intelligibility of received calls. The waterproof speaker cone provides superior sound quality with a wide frequency range and a flat frequency response for powerful yet clear audio.

Integrated GNSS Receiver

The GNSS (GPS GLONASS and SBAS) receiver is integrated in the IC-M605EURO. Position information can be simply received with connection to the supplied GNSS antenna with 5 m cable UX-241.

30 W Two-Way Hailer and Automatic Foghorn

When connected to the optional SP-37 horn speaker you can talk with crew on the deck or shore from the radio’s microphone and can hear any reply via the horn speaker. Also available the RX hailer function and four patterns of automatic foghorn.

NMEA 2000 NMEA 0183/-HS Connectivity

Using NMEA 2000 connectivity the radio can exchange GNSS AIS reports DSC call information data radio frequency and PGN list data on the network. NMEA 0183/-HS GNSS position data can also be converted to NMEA 2000 data for other equipment.

Optional Voice Scrambler

With an optional voice scrambler unit UT-112 the IC-M605EURO provides 32 tone secure conversation. This function is useful when you want to share private information with consort ships.

And More

  • IPX8 advanced waterproof (1m depth of water for 60 minutes)
  • Dual and Tri-watch functions
  • AquaQuake draining function
  • Instant-access button for Channel 16 and call channel
  • The supplied HM-205RB speaker microphone can be connected to the rear panel of the IC-M605EURO

The IC-M605E complies with the latest maritime ITU standard \"ITU-R M493-14\" or EN301 025 V2.2.1 this standard in essence requires an external GPS antenna. ITU-R M493-14 will be compulsory from November 2018. All maritime class D fixed radios manufactured from this date will need to comply.

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