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ICOM BC137 Charger Cradle

ICOM BC137 Charger Cradle

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ICOM BC137 Charger Cradle - Compatable with ICOM IC-A6 IC-A6E IC-A24 IC-A24E IC-F30GT IC-F30GS IC-F40GT IC-F40GS IC-F31GT IC-F31GS IC-F41GT IC-F41GS IC-F3GT IC-F3GS IC-F4GT IC-F4GS IC-F11 IC-F11BR IC-F11S IC-F12 IC-F12S IC-F21 IC-F21BR IC-F21GM IC-F21S IC-F22 IC-F22S IC-F22SR IC-T3H IC-V8 IC-V82 & IC-U82 Models.

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