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Digital Yacht

Digital Yacht Windsense Wireless Wind System

Digital Yacht Windsense Wireless Wind System

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  • Wireless Wind sensor for Smart Phones Tablets and Laptops
  • Ultra tough Mast Head Unit
  • Igildur™ bearings for exceptional life and corrosion resistance
  • Full range of Apps for iOS and Android to display Apparent True* Close Haul and Running data
  • 12/24v DC operation with minimal power consumption
  • Option for independent use of the Mast Head Unit as an NMEA0183 wind transducer
  • Ability to multiplex other NMEA0183 data and stream wirelessly with the wind data
  • Support up to 7 wireless devices
  • LED Status Indicators and alignment switch
  • 20m Ultra-thin mast cable

The wireless wind sensor WindSense features an ultra tough Wind Transducer with Igildur™ bearings for exceptional life and corrosion resistance. Data transmission is via a super-thin 20m digital cable. consequently providing fast update NMEA0183 ($MWV) data to the below deck wireless interface.

Wind data is then wirelessly streamed to any compatible App or Navigation software package. This enables display of Apparent True* Close Haul or Running data on an iOS Android Mac or Windows device. Up to 7 mobile devices can receive the same data so crew and family members can also see exactly what the wind is doing.

The Wireless interface box has a configurable NMEA0183 input/output (4800/38400 baud). Therefore GPS Instrument or AIS data can be multiplexed (combined) with the WindSense data and streamed to the mobile devices/apps.

*True Wind readings require boat speed (SOG or STW) data to be available.

Wind sense provides a low cost replacement or addition to any marine electronics system. It offers significantly enhanced accuracy reliability and functionality with easy interfacing enabling a tablet to become a complete instrument display with other connected sensors. There are many vessels who require wind data too but only equipped with a speed and depth system . Likewise many older wind systems require replacement but customers do not want the substantial cost of a totally new instrument package. Depending upon the app utilised true wind information VMG and other sailing performance parameters like polars may also be displayed.

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