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Digital Yacht

Digital Yacht JB1 NMEA0183 & Power Junction Box

Digital Yacht JB1 NMEA0183 & Power Junction Box

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  • Easy solution for NMEA 0183 and 12/24V DC power connectivity
  • Compact waterproof junction box – measures just 105 x 70 x 35mm
  • Three inlet glands – you can add more glands if you require.
  • Supplied with two x 3-way Wago junction blocks (recommended for positive and negative power connections) and six x 2-way (recommended for NMEA)
  • Simply lift lever and insert cables into the block and snap shut for reliable connections
  • Accepts cable from 0.25mm to 4mm – you can also twist smaller cables together
  • Wago connectors mount onto internal base using supplied velcro pads allowing connections to be easily completed and then fixed in place before assembly of the case
  • Can make the device waterproof to IPX6
  • Includes 1m power input cable (5A)

Lots of systems still use NMEA 0183 for connectivity.  It’s a simple two wire system but there’s no standard colour codes or connector type. This means installers need to design their own solution.  NMEA devices that transmit data are called “talkers” and they connect to devices that receive data – “listeners.” In other words NMEA OUT goes to NMEA IN. With a plus and minus polarity for NMEA data it involves two wires and while a talker can broadcast to multiple listeners (typically up to 5 devices) two talkers can’t connect together without using a specialist multiplexer.

A typical installation would be connecting an AIS transponder to a plotter.  The NMEA out from the AIS would connect to the NMEA input on the plotter.  If you need to add wifi connectivity for an iPad or tablet then our WLN10SM could also connect to the NMEA output of the AIS.  Some devices may have multiple NMEA outputs. One at 4800 baud for traditional instruments and one at 38400 baud for AIS.  These both require their own dedicated wiring.

The new JB1 junction box from Digital Yacht is a simple easy to install solution for NMEA 0183 and power connections.  It uses a patented spring lock terminal system from Wago. This allows various sized cables to be connected and joined in seconds.

The internal connections use a patented Wago system. The two way joining blocks measure just 12 x 18mm and this can be removed to aid inserting thin and fiddly cables.  Open the lever insert the cable and snap shut for a reliable insulated connection.

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