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Digital Yacht

Digital Yacht Digi Deep Sea 10m Pilot PlugE/Cab

Digital Yacht Digi Deep Sea 10m Pilot PlugE/Cab

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  • 10m Cable
  • Conforms to the IMO SN/Circ.227
  • Can use to extend any Pilot Plug
  • Allows you to extend the cable without increasing the USB cable length that has a limit of 5m

All AIS Class A Transponders have a special “Pilot Plug” that is intended to allow a Commercial Pilot to quickly and reliably connect their laptop PC to the Class A Transponder when they arrive onboard.

Often on larger vessels the normal 1-2m length of the Pilot Plug can make connecting to the vessels Class A transponder difficult. Therefore as most Pilot Plug cables use a USB interface that has a limit of 5m extending the cable can be problematic.

The Digital Yacht Pilot Plug extension cable extends the NMEA0183 wiring and not the USB wiring. As a result this makes it possible to extend up to 10m (or more). Plus the length of the existing Pilot Plug cable.

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