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Airmar M285HW 1KW Plastic Chirp Ready In-Hull transducer

Airmar M285HW 1KW Plastic Chirp Ready In-Hull transducer

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  • Weight: 4.2 kg (9.2 lb.)
  • Recommended Boat Length: Up to 11 m (36\')
  • Hull Material: Solid fiberglass only
  • Deadrise Angle: Up to 22°
  • Acoustic Window: Urethane
  • Transducer Element: One broadband ceramic assembly
  • Includes: Adjustable mounting base

Get more coverage under your boat with Airmar’s unique wide-beam high-frequency Chirp-ready M285HW. The high-frequency band operates across a range of 150 to 250 kHz and has a fixed 25° beam for all frequencies. The high-frequency band delivers superior shallow-water performance bottom detail and fish-target separation. The constantly wide beam provides twice the coverage for detecting fish in the upper-water column and clear fish arches on the display compared to most high-frequency narrow-beam transducers. The high wide is the ideal choice for both inshore and pelagic fishing where resolution and maximum coverage are essential down to 152 m (500\').

The M285HW includes a plastic mounting base which is aligned to the centerline and secured inside the hull. Then it is filled with non-toxic antifreeze. The transducer is inserted into the base and adjusted for the proper deadrise offset ensuring the beam is shooting straight down for maximum echo returns. The eco-friendly coolant is the best medium to transmit through solid fiberglass and into the surrounding water. The major benefit of an in-hull transducer is no protruding features on the exterior of the hull making it the perfect choice for trailered or lifted boats. Designed for smaller boats up to 11 m (36\') with a solid-fiberglass hull.


  • Depth only
  • 1 kW of power
  • High frequency: 150 to 250 kHz
  • Constant 25° beamwidth
  • Maximum depth of 152 m (500\')
  • 100 kHz of total bandwidth from one transducer
  • Covers popular fishing frequency of 200 kHz plus everything else in the bandwidth
  • Recommended for use on planing and displacement hulls
  • Plastic transducer and mounting base
  • Also available as transom (TM185HW) thru-hull with fairing (B285HW) and thru-hull Tilted Element (B175HW) (SS175HW) mounts
  • Patented Xducer ID technology
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