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Victron Skylla-i Control GX (Right Angle RJ45)

Victron Skylla-i Control GX (Right Angle RJ45)

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The Skylla-i panel is a remote panel designed to work with all Skylla-i chargers. The Skylla-i charger uses the VE.CAN bus.
Connecting the Skylla-i panel to your Skylla-i charger is a simple procedure. Connect the two devices with a regular UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable with two RJ45 connectors. Make sure that the two RJ45 bus terminators are in place at both ends. The Skylla-i panel comes complete with both RJ45 bus terminators. Both the Skylla-i charger and the panel have two RJ45 sockets which are internally connected you can connect the cable to either socket.

Several Skylla-i control panels can be connected to one charger or to a set of synchronized and parallel connected chargers.

It is not necessary to configure anything in an out of the box installation. Connecting all Skylla-i’s the control panel and placing the terminators is sufficient. Only in installations where multiple Skylla-i’s are on the same VE.Can network while charging different battery banks do settings need to be altered to prevent them from synchronizing. All Skylla-i chargers and Skylla-i control panels recognize each other based on the device instance. The default device instance is zero for both control panels and Skylla-i’s. To change the device instance use a NMEA2000 network tool from for example Actisense or Maretron.

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