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Victron Orion-Tr DC-DC converter-Non Isolated 24/12-10A (120W)

Victron Orion-Tr DC-DC converter-Non Isolated 24/12-10A (120W)

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An ever increasing amount of electrical equipment is now being used in mobile applications. Most equipment has been designed for 12Vdc and therefore requires a DC-DC Converter to reduce the voltage from 24Vdc to 12Vdc. Some very sensitive equipment needs a stable 12V output so we can provide 12V-12V converters to ensure a constant voltage no matter if the battery is charged or discharged.

All models with adjustable output can be used as a battery charger. For example to charge a 12V starter or accessory battery in an otherwise 24V system. They can also be paralleled to increase output current with the connection of a possible five units.

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