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Sony DSXA410BT Digital Media Receiver & XS-MP1611 6.5" Speakers

Sony DSXA410BT Digital Media Receiver & XS-MP1611 6.5" Speakers

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Sony DSXA410BT Voice Operated Digital Media Receiver With BT NFC & USB

  • Connectivity Technology: USB AUX BLUETOOTH (NFC)
  • Colour: Black / Red
  • Supported Internet services: Pandora Spotify
  • Item dimensions: 12 x 17.8 x 5cm
  • Output wattage: 4 x 55 watts max. output
  • Compatible devices: Tablet Smartphone
  • Weight: 0.7Kg
  • Control method: Voice / Buttons
  • Number of channels: 4
  • Supported File Types: FLAC MP3 WMA

Sony XS-MP1611 6.5\'\' Dual Cone Marine Speakers 140W - White

  • Size: 6.5\"
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX5
  • Peak Power: 140W
  • RMS Power: 40W
  • Frequency Response: 45 - 20kHz

DSX-A410BT - Handsfree & Streaming

Single DIN receiver with dual Bluetooth one-touch connection and stylish design with the new X-Design and the improved display   experience state-of-the-art radio feeling.

  • Smart and versatile thanks to network technologies
  • Ease of use perfect connectivity and exceptional listening pleasure. These features make DSX-A410BT an ideal entry point for all digital sound enthusiasts in the Sony Audio Entertainment world.
  • DSX-A410BT delivers rich sound thanks to 4 x 55W output power
  • Numerous connection options via NFC (Dual Bluetooth) USB and AUX. Furthermore the iPod or iPhone can be easily controlled via the iPod Control function.

Networking and connectivity - given all freedom

Mechaless Model DSX-A410BT offers numerous connectivity options for digital music content. Any music source can be connected via AUX USB connection. e.g. iPod / iPhone Android smartphones Sony Walkman and other mass storage devices such as USB flash drives are connected to host MP3 / WMA and even FLAC music collections. In addition smartphones can be connected via NFC / Bluetooth which allows music streaming. Calls are made via dual Bluetooth hands-free.

DSX-A410BT has a built-in microphone saving the need for an additional hands free device - just start calling.

Voice Control (for Android) and Siri Eyes Free (for Iphones)

With Voice Control use simple voice commands such as navigation music playback or reply to incoming messages as long as its connected to an Android phone. With Siri Eyes Free It can control any iPhone with Siri functions without taking it out of the bag. Just press the volume key to turn on Siri voice control for calls navigation reminders and more. With Siri Eyes Free It can even read text messages and allow the user to respond to them without touching the phone.

EXTRA BASS and new LC display

LC display is always easy to read thanks to the five times the contrast of a conventional screen and an optimized viewing angle in the car.

EXTRA BASS function allows rich bass even with a quiet sound setting. Conventional bass amplifiers work with constant set parameters in the amplification meaning if the sound is quietly set one hears little of the bass amplifier the sound is set loud the bass amplifier can lead to distortions. Depending on the volume Extra Bass changes the corresponding bass boost to ensure optimal sound quality. In addition the feature can be activated with a single touch of a button even in two different nuances.

Sound performance: Powerful clear sound - thanks to 4x 55W maximum output power. Enjoy Crystal Clear Radio Reception - Digital Clarity Tuner technology lets users enjoy great radio enjoyment even when driving through areas with poor FM signal.

iPod Control: Thanks to the iPod Control function conveniently control all music on an iPod or iPhone via the radio without having to have the devices to hand. Simply connect iPod or iPhone via USB cable to the DSX-A410BT. Convenient: Whilst connected the iPhone or iPod is also powered and charged.

Music PlayBack for Android Phone: With this feature It can conveniently control the music collection via USB Android smartphones via the DSX-A410BT and play.

Expand the sound system: Two preamp outputs allow the addition components of choice such as additional amplifiers and subwoofers.

Digital 10-band equalizer: The 10 customizable EQ controls allow the fine-tuning of  the sound. The karaoke mode dampens vocal reproduction when its time to sing along.

Sony XS-MP1611 6.5\'\' Dual Cone Marine Speakers 140W - White

Enjoy powerful sound with 40 W power handling 6.5 in (16. 5 cm) dual cone design. Hear rich bass and clear vocals with a rigid woofer cone structure with IPx5 certified for marine use. Hear soaring highs and resounding lows with a wide 45–20000Hz frequency range.

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