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Solar Technology

Solar Technology 155wp Mono HD Solar Panel Kit

Solar Technology 155wp Mono HD Solar Panel Kit

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  • Power: 155W
  • Size: 1310 x 670 X 30mm
  • Weight: 9.5Kg
  • Amp hours per day (A): 47.52
  • Charge Controller: 15Ah or 20Ah
  • Vmp (VDC): 22.9
  • Imp (A): 7.31
  • Voc (V): 27.5
  • Isc (A): 6.77

Build your perfect kit starting with a premium solar panel 

With two power ratings of 120w and 155w our rigid MHD solar panels fulfil a variety of energy needs ranging from a continuous trickle feed of power to prevent battery drain in caravans motorhomes and boats to creating energy self-sufficiency for off-grid travel.

A charge controller should be used with the 120w and 155w rigid MHD solar panels to protect the battery from being overcharged and to prevent reverse current drain.

Put yourself in control

All our charge controllers are capable of charging 12V and 24V single or dual batteries.

The MPPT Pro charge controller increases solar yield by up to 20% over a standard charge controller by artificially modifying the voltage from s solar panel system to actively match any battery\'s requirements.  This means that whatever the weather conditions your panels will deliver maximum power with minimum electrical loss.

The MPPT charge controller comes with its very own free-to-download Bluetooth app (Apple and Android) to display how the solar system is performing. The app software links your smartphone to the MPPT Pro and shows performance figures for a single or dual battery/batteries - very useful in a motorhome where the system can intelligently charge the leisure and starter batteries.

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