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Shadow-Caster Light Commander+ N2K RGB Light Controller with BT/Wifi

Shadow-Caster Light Commander+ N2K RGB Light Controller with BT/Wifi

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  • IP67 rated enclosure
  • Power: Supports over 600 watts of RGB lighting and virtually limitless Shadow-NET® connected modules
  • 15 amps per zone 60 amps max
  • 10 to 30V input range
  • Direct 3.5mm female audio input or built in microphone for music synchronization
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity to support Shadow-Caster Light Commander Mobile app
  • Music sync created by onboard DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
  • Shadow-Net bus allows system expandability
  • Digital power protection set at 15amps/channel
  • Built in switch inputs for instant on lighting for each zone
  • Global control for all lighting
  • 24-bit colour support and gamma correction for universal colour support
  • Enclosure: 8.9” (226mm ) x 4.75” (120mm) x 1.8” (46mm)

The Shadow-Caster Light Commander+ is an NMEA2000 lighting control based on the newly published NMEA2000 lighting control standards. Utilization of NMEA2000 lighting standards enable “next level” implementation of lighting control and marine system integration and system interoperability allowing Lighting control from a compatible MFD or smartphone via the built in Bluetooth or Wifi.

The expandable SC-LC multi-zone lighting controller supports up to 6 zones of lighting per module with native support for 4 zones of RGB or RGBW lights. The lighting controller supports programs including multiple colour fade music sync and colour rotation. The Light Commander comes in a fully sealed IP67 housing with backlit logo design.

Interfacing to the Light Commander+

NMEA 2000: With the release of industry standardized NMEA2000 lighting control protocols plug and play lighting controller compatibility is here. Simply connect to the NMEA2000 backbone with either the SCM-LC-N2K or SCM-LC-PLUS.

Network Interface: To connect to your compatible MFD and utilize Shadow-Caster’s custom lighting interface to create lighting scenes customize and name zones and assign devices to zones use the SCM-LC-PLUS. Compatible with Garmin Simrad Lowrance B&G Raymarine and Furuno.

Mobile Phone App Compatible: Use the SCM-LC-PLUS to utilize the Shadow-Caster® custom Android app to seamlessly switch control from your Network MFD NMEA200 interface to your mobile device create and manage your library of lighting scenes and lights.

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