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Scanstrut Self Levelling Radar Mount Forward of Backstay

Scanstrut Self Levelling Radar Mount Forward of Backstay

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Hydraulic Damping

The main levelling unit features a fine turned damping system which reacts to major changes in heel angle of the boat. It is entirely maintenance free and no power is required.


  • Bespoke Mounting Pole
  • 2.6m (8’6”) aluminium mounting pole supplied in 2 lengths with hidden joiner piece. Cables are routed down a cable channel for a neat install
  • High strength universal base for mounting pole
  • Eliminates loading on backstay. base can be deck transom or chainplate mounted
  • Suitable for any yacht
  • Stainless radome cradle has a fine tune adjustment for backstay angle and the product can be installed on both adjustable and split backstays (see FAQ for further information)
  • Nylon Backstay Bushing Supplied
  • Clamps around backstay allowing cable tension to be adjusted
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