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Raymarine Wireless Wind Kit for STNG (E70361 T120 & T113)

Raymarine Wireless Wind Kit for STNG (E70361 T120 & T113)

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The Micro-Talk Wireless Performance Sailing Gateway plugs right into your current SeaTalkng network and provides the connectivity between wired and wireless systems. Raymarine’s amazing T120 Wireless Masthead Transducer is solar-powered and can run for over 300 hours between charges. Best of all when the sun comes out the integrated solar panels automatically recharge the built-in battery pack.

With no wires inside your mast you’ll benefit from a much simpler installation and reduced weight up high in your rig. The T120 wind transducer also offers a performance increase over conventional wired transducers with improved response and increased accuracy. Finally the included Wireless Remote Display enables you to calibrate the system and see all of your instrument data from anywhere onboard.

Small and portable the remote can be worn on a lanyard or snapped into its included storage bracket and used like a fixed instrument which can display any data item including data history as a line graph. Like the masthead transducer the Remote Display is also solar powered and recharged by the sun.

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