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Raymarine Transducer Speed Temperature Retractable with Flap Valve

Raymarine Transducer Speed Temperature Retractable with Flap Valve

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T911 Transducer.

Speed and temperature transducer. Retractable with flap valve. 6m cable length.

The wireless revolution has already begun - Besides giving you versatility Raymarine Wireless displays are unique. They are wireless solar powered and use Micronet technology.

Easy Installation - A typical installation can be done in just a few hours with your rig in place and your boat still in the water. And there\'s no need for holes in the bulkhead or wires down the mast.

Self-powering - Raymarine Wireless displays are solar powered with integrated lithium batteries that power the unit for life. Power consumption is so efficient that units can run autonomously for up to 300 hours.

Lightweight - The elimination of wires in the mast not only reduces spar weight but also lowers the boat\'s centre of gravity giving significant and immediate performance advantage.

Portability - Using clip-in cradles your display can be placed anywhere on your boat allowing you to view the information where and when you need it.

Waterproof - All Raymarine Wireless products are sealed for life and completely waterproof (submersible to 10m). This also means no condensation.

Raymarine Wireless for Cruising - Relaxed out at sea - nowhere you\'d rather be. When cruising in the open ocean your peace of mind depends on having accurate and visible data. Raymarine Wireless products provide all this in a system designed to be completely flexible.

They are simple to install with no large holes to drill in your bulkhead or wires to thread down your mast. And as wiring causes 80% of failures in conventional instruments Raymarine wireless technology also means absolute reliability.

No holes or wires! - You want the best chance of crossing the line first. This means you need instant access to accurate data and displays that are absolutely reliable. Raymarine Wireless instruments excel on all fronts. They display all the data you\'ll ever need and have user-configurable pages crucial for racing performance with no wires through your hull or down your mast.

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