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Raymarine Quantum 2 Q24D 18" Radar Radome with 10m Power & Data Cables

Raymarine Quantum 2 Q24D 18" Radar Radome with 10m Power & Data Cables

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  • Includes 10m Power and Data Cables
  • Doppler moving target display allows for superior situational awareness at-a-glance
  • Fully automatic MARPA target tracking along with manual MARPA mode
  • Adjustable TrueTrails target history shows the motion history of moving contacts
  • CHIRP Pulse Compression detects contacts as close as 18-feet for zero-visibility navigation
  • 24-mile range for early detection of traffic navigation aids landfall and weather
  • Immediate awareness – Quantum starts up and is ready to go in seconds
  • Superior interference rejection eliminates noise from other radars
  • Simplified installation with Wi-Fi or thin wire network connectivity

Easy upgrade – Quantum 2 fits the same bolt pattern as other Raymarine scanners

Lightweight and easy to install – Quantum weighs up to 50% less than comparable magnetron radars

Safe emissions – mount Quantum anywhere onboard

Low power consumption for extended battery life under sail


Microwave energy waves are bounced off of a distant target just like conventional radar.

Moving targets send back echoes whose frequencies shift upward or downward from what was originally transmitted.

For inbound targets the frequency increases as the leading edge of the returning echoes are received more frequently as the target’s range decreases.

For outbound targets the frequency drops as the returning echoes spread out as its range increases.

Doppler radars are engineered to detect these small shifts in wave frequency and use them to classify moving radar targets.


Doppler radar is tuned specifically to detect the radar echo frequency shift returned by moving vs. stationary targets.

Quantum 2 then uniquely colour codes moving targets to indicate whether they are getting closer or moving away.

Inbound targets are coloured red.

Outbound targets are coloured green.

Colour coded targets make it simple to pick out moving traffic from other stationary targets like land navigation aids or stopped/anchored vessels.

The Quantum 2 also features fully automatic target acquisition and tracking. Configure custom safety or alarm zones and be alerted to new radar contacts entering the zone. Quantum 2 can begin tracking those contacts automatically calculating their course speed closest point of approach and more. You’ll be alerted to dangerous contacts with audible alerts and easy to understand on-screen graphics.

Quantum 2 also features Raymarine’s new True Trails target history display. The True Trails features enables you to see a historical “wake” behind every moving contact. This additional information makes it even easier to interpret the motion of other vessels and make smart maneuvering decisions to pass safely.

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