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Raymarine CPT-S Plastic In-Hull CHIRP Transducer

Raymarine CPT-S Plastic In-Hull CHIRP Transducer

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  • Sonar Type: CHIRP
  • Frequency: High CHIRP 170-230kHz
  • Hull Compatibility: Solid non-cored fiberglass hulls
  • Deadrise Adjustments: 0 12 or 20 degrees
  • Depth: Up to 600 feet
  • Cone Angle: 25 degrees

Simple To Install
The CPT-S In-hull is designed for glue-in installation on vessels with non-cored fiberglass hulls. A cut-to-fit transducer housing allows the transducer to readily adapt to hulls with deadrise angles between 0° and 25°.

Sonar Solution For Cruisers
The CPT-S In-Hull transmits in the High CHIRP band for reliable depth recording fish targeting and bottom density. Pair the CPT-S In-hull with a Raymarine MFD for general navigation and scouting anchoring locations.

Accurate Performance
In-hull transducers offer reliable depth performance at cruising-speeds. The CPT-S In-hull accommodates RIBS trailer boats and applications

MFD Compatibility

  • Element S: Direct Connection
  • Element HV: Adaptor Cable 705-A80559 required
  • Axiom DV Models: Direct Connection
  • Axiom RV / Axiom+ / Axiom Pro S / Axiom Pro RVX: Adaptor Cable 705-A80490 required.
  • aSeries* / eS Series* / CP100 Sonar Module: Direct Connection (*DownVision variants Only)
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