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Raymarine CCM-016 Digital Switching Circuit Control Module - 12V

Raymarine CCM-016 Digital Switching Circuit Control Module - 12V

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  • Power: 12V
  • Digital Inputs: 16
  • Analogue Inputs: 16
  • 10A Outputs: 16
  • Dimmer Outputs: 12
  • High and low-side options for reversible function
  • Dimming function including soft start/stop
  • Under-current circuit detection
  • Configurable thresholds for alarms and/or graphical functions
  • Plus or minus sensing for digital
  • Analogue inputs for voltage (0-32V) current (4-20mA) or resistive
  • Up to 4 circuits may be multiplexed onto a single channel

What is Digital Switching?

Digital Switching by Raymarine brings all of the power and convenience of advanced home automation to your boat. Digital Switching allows you to control onboard electrical and electronic systems like lighting air-conditioning navigation lights wipers horns entertainment systems security systems and much more from your network-connected multifunction display smartphone or tablet.

Digital Switching by Raymarine replaces the standard mechanical circuit breakers and switches with a state-of-the-art digital power distribution. This system not only offers convenience and ease-of-use it also delivers on the promise of seamless reliable operation as well as simple and cost effective installation.

Graphical Interface

  • Assets for every type of circuit switch or monitor
  • Fully customisable screens. Assets may be dragged and dropped into any configuration.
  • Screens can be personalised by uploading boat images

Digital Switching: Elegant Simplicity

Instead of bulky and expensive switch panels the Raymarine Digital Switching system uses rugged and compact Digital Circuit Control Modules (CCMs). Each CCM supports multiple circuits that are customised to meet the exact needs of the equipment being controlled.

Each CCM connects to the vessel\'s existing NMEA2000 network backbone enabling it to communicate with the other CCMs and Multifunction Displays onboard. This flexible network architecture enables the CCMs to be mounted nearby to the equipment they are controlling. This significantly cuts down on the amount of cabling required to be installed onboard the vessel.

This benefits the boat builder and owner by creating a system that is simpler to install and troubleshoot than traditionally switched systems. Significant cost savings can easily be realised due to faster installation and reduced amount of cable required to wire the vessel\'s systems.

In addition to wired controls the Raymarine Digital Switching system also supports ENOcean wireless energy harvesting switches and sensors. Completely freed from the constraints of wires ENOcean wireless devices bring a whole new level of freedom and flexibility to yacht system design.

Control Units and Modules

The Master Control Unit is the central processor that drives the system providing computing power intelligence and decision making. In addition there are various interfaces for connection to external devices and a remote control port.

The MCU is an NMEA2000 device that talks to the other system components via the NMEA2000 network. The MCU stores and executes configuration files for installation holding data for every DC Module and Membrane Panel present. Should a Module or Membrane need to be replaced the MCU distributes data to the replacement once the base address of the new component has been entered.

Circuit Control Module (CCM)

The Circuit Control Module (CCM) is an NMEA2000 device that is connected to the main DC Bus and provides inputs and outputs to the system. With multiple input capabilities and ranges the CCM is an extremely versatile and cost effective means to interface signals to the system and when combined with the powerful software complex monitoring and control systems are easily realized.

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