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Maretron N2KMETER Diagnostic Tool

Maretron N2KMETER Diagnostic Tool

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The N2KMeter is a diagnostic tool for NMEA 2000 networks that allows users to validate NMEA 2000 network compatibility and operations during installation of a device or complete system and diagnose possible network flaws or failures that occur on an operational network.

Cut troubleshooting time from hours to seconds by effectively identifying and diagnosing network problems. N2KMeter provides the detailed technical information an NMEA 2000 ® troubleshooting expert needs yet it simplifies and summarizes allowing an NMEA 2000 novice to effectively identify and diagnose network problems. Battery-powered operation allows a novice user to save readings for experts to analyse later off the boat.

N2KMeter uses a patented integrated intelligence technique to summarize multiple NMEA 2000 network operational variables into a single health index. To a service technician it\'s a \"\"guru-in-a-box\"\" providing a detailed reading of network performance.

It summarizes NMEA 2000 ® network health by displaying a happy face icon indicating a healthy network; a sad face indicating a serious problem; or a neutral face indicating nominal performance (a good indication to repair things before they actually fail). N2KMeter then walks the user through each fault condition and its source or it can record key operating parameters for offline review.

Faults that can be detected by the N2KMeter include.

Opens and shorts.

Incorrect topology.

Bad nodes.

Bad termination.

Improper shield connection.

Intermittent problems.

Excessive scan rate.

Common mode voltage.

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