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Maretron E2500 Wireless-N Router

Maretron E2500 Wireless-N Router

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Maretron\'s E2500 is the officially supported method for connecting Maretron client and server devices. Use the E2500 to connect PC\'s running Maretron\'s N2KView software with Maretron\'s IPG100 Internet Protocol Gateway.

For Maretron\'s MBB300C Black Box for Vessel Monitoring and Control Maretron\'s TSM800C 8\" Vessel Monitoring and Control Touchscreen and Maretron\'s TSM1330C 13.3\" Vessel Monitoring and Control Touchscreen use the E2500 to connect IP Cameras and Encoders.

Using the Maretron E2500 to interconnect the components of your N2KView system will result in easy installation and reliable operation.

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