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Garmin GMR Fantom series antenna - 4ft

Garmin GMR Fantom series antenna - 4ft

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  • Replacement 4ft Antenna for GMR Fantom Series Open Array Radars
  • Compatible with GMR Fantom 50 120 & 250W Pedestals.
  • Weight: 5.2Kg
  • Water Rating: IPX6
  • Max Wind Load: 80kt
  • Antenna Length: 121.92cm
  • Beam Width: 1.8° horizontal 23° vertical.

GMR Fantom Open-array radars are solid-state radars that offer 50W 120W or 250W of power. They use MotionScope technology to detect and highlight moving targets in different colours which helps avoid potential collisions find flocks of birds and track weather. The Pulse Compression technology provides high-resolution imaging and maximises energy to help detect and identify targets.

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