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Garmin GMR Fantom 24x Radar Radome - Black

Garmin GMR Fantom 24x Radar Radome - Black

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  • Physical Dimensions: 25.40″ x 9.80″ (64.50 cm x 24.90 cm)
  • Weight: 17.4 lbs
  • Water Rating: IPX7
  • Peak Transmit Power: 50 W
  • Antenna Length: 23″ (58.42 cm)
  • RPM: Up to 60 rpm depending on settings
  • Beam Width: 3.70° horizontal 25° vertical
  • Maximum Range: 48 NM
  • Minimum Range: 6 metres
  • Power Input: 10-32 V DC
  • Power Consumption (Standby): 4 W
  • Max Power Consumption (Transmitting Power Save): 24 W
  • Max Power Consumption (Transmitting Normal Mode): 33 W

Strikingly Powerful Radar

These incredibly powerful 18″ and 24″ dome radars have beauty and brains with a black colour option and 50 watts of output power.

  • GMR Fantom brings the power. Fifty watts of it actually.
  • See targets clearly and adjust their sizes as needed.
  • With power save mode Choose when to use full power and when to pull back.
  • Every second of power usage counts. Cut back even more by choosing active times down to the second.
  • MotionScope™ technology shows targets in colour as they move toward or away.

See what’s coming.

High-Powered Radar: These 50-watt solid-state dome radars have a range from 20’ to 48 nautical miles even in fog or rain. Plus they deliver up to 60 RPM rotation speed for a refresh rate that can detect movement at any speed. This time around we even have a white and black option to tailor to all boats.

High-Resolution Radar: High-resolution images and high antenna gain help to pick out targets at a distance while 8-bit true colour imagery enhances target separation.

Motionscope Technology: MotionScope uses the Doppler effect to detect moving targets and highlight them in different colours to aid navigate around other boats or severe weather — or toward fishing spots where birds feed at the surface.

Power Save Mode: Control and conserve power for when its most needed.

Timed Transmit Mode: With timed transmit mode specify active and inactive times down to the second to help reduce power consumption to stay on the water longer than ever.

Intuitive Operation: These radars don’t have any complex user settings to deal with so they’re easy to install and start using.

See incredible detail on the water.

Target Size: Adjust on-screen target resolution for better separation based on the surroundings.

Auto Bird Gain: Locate flocks of birds at the water’s surface where baitfish are also likely to be found.

Echo Trails: See a historical ″trail″ on the screen to help quickly and easily identify moving targets and potential collision threats.

Dual Range: The single radar antenna can provide split-screen images on the chartplotter side by side with independent range setting and controls for both close and long range.

Dual-Radar Support: Using dual radar provides redundancy and allows each display unit on the boat to pull data from one of two different radar sources.

Dynamic Auto Gain: This feature automatically adjusts to the surroundings for optimal performance in all conditions.

Dynamic Sea Filter: Gain automatically adjusts sea clutter for calm medium and rough sea conditions.

Radar Overlay: Overlay radar images onto the chartplotter’s map page. Add an optional autopilot or heading sensor (sold separately) for best results.

Automatic Acquisition: New mini-automatic radar plotting aid (MARPA) automatic acquisition allows for triggering and tracking of up to 30 targets with no user prompting on all returns boundary zones guard zones or MotionScope technology.

Guard Zone: Set the safety zone and receive an alarm when an object enters the zone.

VRM and EBL: Variable range markers (VRM) and electronic bearing lines (EBL) allow rapid measurements of distance and bearing to vessels and land.

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