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Garmin GMR 1224 xHD2 Open Array Radar

Garmin GMR 1224 xHD2 Open Array Radar

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  • Serious seafarers like you need serious range - up to 72 nautical miles (133 km)
  • See targets in incredible detail even at a distance
  • Easily see what’s close and far away with dual-range radar
  • Don’t waste time fussing with complex settings. This radar is easy to install
  • Say goodbye to noise pollution. This radar rotates quietly

Technical Specifications

Dimensions Array: 132.7 x 12.7 x 17.1cm
Pedestal: 52 x 32.4 x 31.8cm
Weight Array: 5.5Kg
Pedestal: 21.4Kg
Water Rating IPX6
Max Wind Load 80Kt
Antenna Length 121.92cm
Rotation Speed (RPM) 24 & 48rpm
Beam Width Horizontal: 1.8°
Vertical: 23°
Maximum Range 72nm
Minimum Range 20m
Radar Type Open-Array

Electrical Features
Power Input 10-32V
Transmit Power 12kW

Radar Features
Dual Range ✓
Overlay ✓
Dual Radar Support ✓
Auto Bird Gain ✓
Auto Gain ✓
MARPA Target Tracking ✓ (Requires heading sensor)
Echo Trails ✓
Programmable Antenna Parking ✓
Target Size Pulse Expansion

See What’s Coming

High-Powered Radar - This open-array radar delivers 12-kW transmit power and clear echo definition at all ranges. It has rotation speeds of 24 and 48 RPM with a max range scale of 72 nautical miles (133 km).

High-Resolution Radar - The 1.8-degree horizontal beamwidth provides a high-resolution image and high antenna gain to pick out targets at a distance while 8-bit true colour imagery enhances target separation.

Intuitive Operation - This radar doesn’t have any complex user settings to deal with so it’s easy to install and start using.

See Incredible Detail On The Water

Pulse Expansion - Increase the duration of the transmit pulse which helps maximise the energy on targets. This provides larger target size on the chartplotter.

Auto Bird Gain - Locate flocks of birds at the water’s surface where baitfish are also likely to be found.

Echo Trails - A historical “trail” is left on the screen to help you quickly and easily identify moving targets and potential collision threats.

Dual Range - Single radar antenna is capable of providing split-screen images on your chartplotter for both close and long range.

Dual-Radar Support - Using dual radar provides redundancy and allows each display unit on the boat to pull data from one of two different radar sources.

Dynamic Auto Gain - Gain automatically adjusts levels to optimum settings for harbors nearshore and offshore in open waters.

Dynamic Sea Filter - Gain automatically adjusts sea clutter for calm medium and rough sea conditions.

Radar Overlay - Overlay radar images onto your chartplotter’s map page. You can add an optional autopilot or heading sensor (sold separately) for best results.

MARPA Target Tracking - Mini-automatic radar plotting aid (MARPA) tracks up to 10 selected targets helping you keep track of other vessels and avoid collisions.

Guard Zone - Set the safety zone and receive an alarm when an object enters the zone.

VRM And EBL - Variable range markers (VRM) and electronic bearing lines (EBL) allow rapid measurements of distance and bearing to vessels and land.

Dual Range with Overlay - Single radar antenna is capable of providing split-screen images on your chartplotter side by side with independent range setting and controls for both close and long range. One or both ranges can also be viewed as a chart overlay.

In The Box

  • GMR 1224 xHD2
  • Mounting hardware kit and template
  • Power cable (15 meters)
  • Network cable (15 meters)
  • Cable grommet
  • Voltage converter
  • Product Documentation
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