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Fusion MS-DAB100A DAB+ Module with Powered Antenna

Fusion MS-DAB100A DAB+ Module with Powered Antenna

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Simply connect the DAB+ module and antenna to a compatible FUSION Stereo and enjoy the added functionality of Digital Radio. The connected FUSION Stereo will display Station name Ensemble Program Type Category and Dynamic Label Segment (DLS) information for easy recognition and searching of the available digital radio stations. The DAB+ features multi-region support for EU Norway Switzerland Australia and New Zealand. The module is IPx3 water-resistant when mounted with connectors facing down.

The MS-DAB100A is compatible with FUSION MS-UD650 MS-AV650 MS-UD750 MS-AV750 MS-RA70 MS-RA70N MS-BB100.

The antenna is IPx7 water resistant to withstand the harsh marine environment whilst delivering clear digital radio reception. The DAB+ Module is rated IPx3 when correctly mounted and is intended for installation in a dry environment. .

The antenna features four mounting options for easy installation onto any vessel. Mounting options include:.

Standard 1” Pole Mount - The antenna can be pole mounted using either the included 1 inch outer diameter threaded mounting bracket or a user-supplied pole mount. The included mounting bracket comes with four mounting screws that secure the base to the mounting surface.

Surface Mounting - To surface mount the antenna either use the included double sided adhesive pad or utilise the included threaded rods with thumb screws for easy installation.

Note: A software upgrade may be required to activate the DAB source.

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