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Furuno TimeZero Weather Routing Software Module For TZ Navigator

Furuno TimeZero Weather Routing Software Module For TZ Navigator

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  • Routing according to wind waves and currents
  • Isochrones with SailSet overlay
  • Routing calculation automatically avoiding the coastline and shallow water (possibility to set the depth limit)
  • Dual route calculation sail/motor (depending on the wind and theorical speed limit)
  • Expected wind conditions display along the track
  • Alternate routing
  • Routing Detail (List)
  • Routing and Weather Animation
  • Laylines (requires wind sensor)
  • Polar workspace: to display and modify Wind and SailSet Polar files
  • Polar % modification
  • Adjusting GRIB Weather files
  • Routing variability calculation and display

The Weather Routing module combines with both TZ Navigator and TZ Professional to provide a route that will optimize the time taken to travel on a sailboat using the weather forecast information and the boat\'s polars.

Navigation Type

Regatta: TIMEZERO\'s roots trace back to racing and pioneering the racing world by being the first to develop an algorithm to optimize the best route based on the forecasted wind waves and currents as well as the polars of the boat. The weather routing module provides the fastest way to get across the finish line.

Recreational Sailor: Sailing at sea with friends or family is an adventure of a lifetime. Having the best routing software available will help  preparation against the elements making the adventure more enjoyable.

Enjoy the Route While the Module Makes the Calculation

Weatther Routing: Be prepared whatever the weather throws up. The Weather Routing module is a simple yet powerful tool which calculates the fastest route for a sailboat. Weather forecasts and polars allow the TIMEZERO software to provide an extremely accurate calculation on the fastest route from point A to point B.

Avoiding the Coastline: Coastal navigation has never been this easy safe and optimized. Our Routing calculation automatically avoids the coastline for the best route and can be done in only two clicks: one on the departure point and the other one on the arrival point!

Dual Route Calculation: Anticipate easily the parts of the route where it will be optimal to be motoring thanks to the colored legs and maintain the best conditions along the route.

Route Wind Display: Display the expected wind conditions along the track to know exactly what the wind conditions should be at every leg along the track.

Advanced Routing: This takes the leg work out of deciding the route and lets crew relax in the knowledge that the routing will get to the boat to the destination in the quickest time possible. Whether sailing to win that race or simply setting sail for new destinations.

Get into the Route details with Optimization Features

Wind Speed and direction: Wind speed cap and wave height cap are new features that now allow sailors to sail in security by limiting these two variables. This is convenient for those times when not trying to beat the clock and can optimize travel time while ensuring safety from adverse weather conditions at sea.

Alternative Routing: Have the ability to check for an alternative route. A great addition if there is a need or want to avoid a certain zone such as when sailing near the coast line.

Variability: The new version of the Weather Routing module goes even further by allowing the fine tuning of the calculations with even more precision. This module now includes a risk variable a feature developed while working closely with Michel Desjoyeaux two time Vendee Globe winner. This feature displays zones with high risk such as a dramatic change in wind speed and direction. It does this using an easy to identify shading spectrum from which a decision can be made to launch an alternative route.

Advanced Routing: The professional version of TIMEZERO allows the user to accede to advanced features critical for sports competitions. Thanks to TZ Professional combined with the Weather Routing module It is posible to follow targets to work on competitors routing. In addition save the boats routing with those of the competitors using the layers this way it is easy to analyse strategies and optimize the routing process.

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