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Airmar 200WX-RS422 Weather Station Instrument - Dual NMEA RS422

Airmar 200WX-RS422 Weather Station Instrument - Dual NMEA RS422

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  • Apparent and Theoretical Wind Speed and Direction
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Air and Wind Chill Temperature
  • GPS Position Speed Over Ground Course Over Ground
  • Three-Axis Solid-State Compass with dynamic stabilization
  • Three-Axis Rate Gyro – Rate of Turn
  • Three-Axis Accelerometer – Best-in-Class Pitch & Roll performance
  • Output: NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000

IPX7 Rated instrument for offshore marine monitoring platforms buoys USVs and AUVs

  • GPS for time stamping position COG SOG
  • Compass for heading and alignment
  • Three-axis accelerometer for pitch and roll

Reliable monitoring systems like buoys USVs AUVs enable operational decision-making based on real-time site specific data rather than intuition. The highly changeable conditions at sea make offshore operations particularly challenging. The 200WX-IPX7 meets this growing demand for real-time site specific weather information collected offshore. Airmar has worked with many autonomous vehicle and buoy OEMs to develop the WeatherStation Model 200WX-IPX7 to meet the operational challenges of this extreme harsh environment.

The low power requirements of the WeatherStation make it well suited for portable battery and solar powered applications and the IPX7 configuration is designed for this harsh and demanding environment.

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